Review: The Tracing Light Box by Veidoo

Tracing Light Box, Veidoo A4 LED Tracer Light Pad/Box/Board for Artists, Drawing, Sketching, Animation, X-ray Viewing, Tattoo Transferring (A4) – Veidoo Sold by: Chaoxin

This item arrived on time, intact as well as dent and ding free due to the excellent packaging, so kudos to the shipping department.

The Tracing Light Box by Veidoo came with easy to follow instructions, a USB cord to power the device (fits all of my wall adapters as well as the USB ports on my computers) and 2 metal clips to hold the images and paper you will be using in place.  

As soon as this item made its way into the living room both kids (ages 16 and 22) were all over it. It was love at first sight and the ideas of what to do with it were plentiful. It powers on and off with the touch of a button and adjusting the brightness level is just as easy. The 16 year old got his hands on it first and had a tracing of Ironman from an activity book done in no time. He didn’t even glance at the instructions and he was able to figure out how to operate this device in under a minute. With that said, it is definitely what I would call user friendly.

My neighbor came over and as a fellow artist she was in love with this item as well and asked my son to trace a piece of artwork he’d gotten at a comic book convention for her. Since a picture is worth a thousand words, he did a time lapse video of that process you will see attached to this review.

All in all, this item performed above and beyond my expectations. It works so well, I wish I had one just like it in a larger size for bigger projects. I have several ideas for this item myself.


  1. This looks like such a fun thing to have. I love drawing and being creative, but I’m horrible at it. I feel like this box would help me out a little bit. Give me that extra element I’ve been lacking to make my projects visually appealing.

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  2. I will sound like a weirdo here, but I did not understand what light boxes were until I read this review. So, thanks for that! In other news, I think I need to grab one of these for one of my kidlets. Holy moly, affordable, too!

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  3. I can not draw, I have a friend who aspires to be an illustrator who is very good and now that I have known this little board I think it’s the right idea for her Christmas present!

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  4. I would have loved that as a child or teenager. I used to do that using windows on sunny days of my computer’s screen on other occasions. None of the above was as powerful as a light box, but it had to suffice 😀

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      1. Oh yes, technology is awesome! I remember the first mobile phone my parents bought around 20 years ago, what a luxury and novelty that was. And now we can buy things like light boxes for tracing images? How amazing is that!

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