The Nymph Needs New Glasses or The Lackadaisical Bug

One day I was at my desk doing my work thing, looking over documents and reports before I printed them. As I perused the text in front of me I see a random comma, so I move the cursor and delete it. I keep going and what do ya know…another random comma…then another…at that point I was thinking, WOW I must be really off my game today.

I could not have been more wrong

As I finished up I saw what looked like  a random comma…outside the margins

O.o wtf right?

No, it was not a comma at all, just a teeny tiny slow moving bug without anything better to do than travel up and around my monitor at its own leisurely pace…what a day and only me *sighs*

The attached picture has no bearing on this case… it is for you viewing pleasure only.


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