Because Florida… LOL

When I need a good laugh I generally look up news headlines from Florida. Why you might ask, because Florida never disappoints! Especially “Florida Man” but I have noticed that “Florida Woman” is gaining recognition and speed! Here are a few of my most recent favorites.

Here are a few where Florida Woman refuses to be outdone by Florida Man. Once again proving anything men can do women can do better lol

Then last but most certainly not least…


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  1. You know what we could do, we could select three states and let all of the people like this live there so they could leave the rest of us alone. Ha!

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  2. Lol at that zebra looking horse. I had to do a double take and put on my glasses for that one. The farting lady has me ROFL. Oh my gosh. Talk about the gas chamber. I’d complain as well.

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