Better Eating For The Family

As a family we have made a decision.

We have decided that we are going to make a serious concerted effort to eat better.  Three out of the four of us have really packed on the pounds over the last year. We need to eat better and move more. We looked at the current weight loss trends and we decided that we don’t want to do any fad diets or Cleanses or Keto or Carnivore or any of that (not that there’s anything wrong with some of those). We just want to do something that is more of a permanent lifestyle change and we don’t want to live in a world were we can’t eat bread or potatoes, but kudos to any of you that can go carb light for life.

In the spirit of our decision we have decided to make Sunday’s family food prep day. I think having a variety of healthy foods on hand will greatly curb one of our biggest weaknesses and that is grabbing something quick because we are all busy and we do not do hungry (Hangry – lol) very well. A bad habit that leads us all to making poor food choices.

With that said, if anyone would like to drop a link or two to some recipes or tips we’d appreciate it greatly.


  1. Prepping meals ahead of time one or two days per week is a great idea. I try to pack up healthy lunches from the dinner leftovers, too. Prepackaged by me makes it so much easier to work toward my weight loss goals. Another tip is to wash fruit and veggies so they are ready for snacking. Good luck on your new healthy eating plan!

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  2. Hi Tena, glad to read this one today! I didn’t know that you are trying to change your lifestyle too! I am with you; I don’t like to follow a diet plan as my sister in law says to change something that you can do for the rest of your life not just for a particular moment because once you stop doing it, the pounds will be back to double! She told me her brothers did Keto did tremendously, but once they finish they gained pounds like crazy!

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  3. This is such a great idea. It is important that every member had a great role, especially when preparing the meal. That way we can have a better understanding of better eating for the family.

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  4. That seems so fun, but it kinda needs a little mommy strict authority when it comes to my family hahaha. We are too busy with our screens to do such activities. 😅

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  5. I really wanna do the same healthy living lifestyle. I agree, involving your family with the lifestyle so that you all have the same goals would make it more easier to attain.

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  6. That is definitely a very good decision. As a parent if want our family to become healthy we should teach them to eat a healthy food and alongside with that is to do workout for a healthy lifestyle.

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  7. I have change my lifestyle and I have been eating healthy for months now. I could recommend you a nice mustard, soy sauce and honey marinated pork steak, with a side of salad instead of fries. I also love my Malabar curry, which I cook very often and which is full of good ingredients such as eggs, cauliflower, prawns and coconut milk.

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  8. I love the idea of involving each member of the family in preparing for their meal in that way you can also teach them to eat healthy food and to live in a healthy lifestyle

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  9. Its a good idea to be in as a family, so that you’ve got each other’s back covered. The important thing is to make it slow and steady, as a sudden lifestyle change can be difficult to sustain.

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  10. We always have fruits at home, and my son grew up eating fruits for snacks or desserts. Vegetables are always part of our menu, too.

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  11. I’m looking forward to doing this. I’ve cut out some bad foods already (soda, energy drinks) and looking to drop a few more. Fresh healthy food at the ready should help a lot.

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    1. Lifestyle changes are always so much easier when doing it together! Snacking is like a full time job for me so I hope we can stay on track with this! I’m very excited for all the tasty things we’ll make and let us know how it goes for you! 😁

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