Blogging… How Did You Get Here?

In lieu of a long intro and a lot of hubbub, I’m going to cut right to the point of this short post.

What made all of you become bloggers?

I’m curious because I know when I started off on this adventure, I didn’t set out to become a blogger but that is where I happily ended up.

I wanted to share my experiences with people, places and products with others and it evolved into this.

Do you have a favorite platform? (Twitter, IG, Pinterest, Facebook etc.) Do you have one you can’t stand? Have you found any tools you can’t live without? (Tailwinds, MailChimp, etc.) Have you run into any scams? Are your family and friends supportive? Did you start out with a free blog or did you jump all in and get a premium paid blog with all the bells and whistles? Whats the biggest mistake you made starting out? Do you work mostly on your laptop or your phone?

Please feel free to share your story in the comments. I’d love to hear more about what makes you tick and your journey.


  1. Hi there! I like the questions. I enjoy Twitter the most because I’ve had great conversations and met great people like you. I hate the follow/unfollow that IG brings about. I am relatively new to blogging so I haven’t caught on to the blogging terms, apps, and tools to assist. I kinda just jump right on in the blogging pool. I paid for everything. I have the computer skill base so I do a lot of Youtube searching when stuff comes up that I need to know. Like the SEO that pops up everywhere. I’m like, huh? But, I will get it. Unfortunately, my support comes from people I’ve met online. I don’t even bother with family and friends.

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  2. I started blogging to sell my first book, but quickly realized that I couldn’t sustain a blog for that purpose. Once I realized people were actually reading and commenting, then I shifted it to be more intentionally inspirational. I hated Pinterest and tried for a couple years to engage and do all the things, but I just could never see the point!

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  3. I got into blogging as a way of sharing positive vibes with slim women; inspiring them to look their best and live their best because I remember being teased for being slim. But the journey has been amazing so far!

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  4. I became a blogger because I always loved writing, whether it be poems, short stories and i needed an outlet to share my thoughts and experiences so I decided a blog would be perfect. I have only been blogging for three years and it has been the best decision I have made. I love social media, my fave platform is Instagram.

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  5. I prefer Instagram, tbh, for my social media even though it’s harder to get people to my actual website that way (can’t get a clickable link without I think at least 1000 followers). I find twitter boring even though I know it has the potential to be a great platform. Facebook is good for networking and community building. I love tailwind – it’s really helped drive my interactions and has brought me a lot more readers.

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  6. I love to write and want to be a published author one day, so for me blogging was a way to keep me writing consistently. My favorite platforms are definitely Instagram and Pinterest. I have the hardest time with Twitter….I just don’t like it.

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  7. I did kind of start out trying to become a blogger. But that was only after I had seen someone else who had become really successful doing it and realizing I had the writing chops to be able to pull it off. I know it has taken a bit of time. But I have definitely made some strides there. I actually started with a free blog for the first 3 months and then moved on to a paid blog service.

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  8. I’m been asking about this a lot when I meet new people. First, Blogging has changed my life because I love sharing and get connected with people while traveling and it brings a positive attitude on me.


    1. Eversince I was young I really love to read. I guess its just became a step by step process. Next thing I know I am writing my very first blog.

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  9. It’s a fun outlet for me to write and share photography. I love connecting with the community, too, and I’ve met some incredible people as a result.

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  10. I started as a teenager by creating a site about my favorite band (Metallica). I did it on one of the hosted platforms at first and just got started without much consideration or planning. I already spent too much time on the band and this seemed like a natural way to extend my fandom.

    Eventually I started learning how to communicate better, how to write better, how to connect with an audience and attract them to come visit my site and so much more. At some point I discovered WordPress and this has been my favorite platform since.

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  11. Always been FB. I love how simple it is and most of my contacts are there – even the ones who I thought that is not internet savvy lol

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  12. I love to travel and share my experiences with others. This year I really wanted to go back to work as I can’t stand being at home anymore! I feel my brain is stock and I didn’t grow us a person. But getting back to work won’t earn us anything because of the different time my kids need to go to school we will end up of 7 hrs daycare per day. So it’s like I will end up with 1 hr salary for myself! It doesn’t make sense to us.

    Blogging is convenient for me as I can work from home and I’ll be the one controlling my time and it’s up to me if I would like to collaborate with others.

    I will accept the job only if I am comfortable doing it.

    We did bought the domain name since we started it and we’ve been paying it yearly since 2015 for $10 even we didn’t visit the site after the first post.

    This year, I told my friend I don’t even know who am I anymore as all I do is being in the house all the time. My friend didn’t know I have the blog set up already but she told me you’ll be a great blogger! She can see me blogging as the way I post in my personal account in FB. I told her I am not great in English and I might have a hard time pursuing it! Thankful for my mother-in-law for helping me out in editing.

    We did the logo and set it up as a business after 3 months of blogging.

    I wish I started sooner but I think this year is the perfect time to do it. As I am physically better and mentally well.

    Twitter is my favorite platform of social media as I can easily communicate with fellow writers and travel bloggers! I feel I can learn faster with others. It’s a chatroom with everyone around but honestly, it’s kinda scary because we never know who’s out there.

    We do the things that scare us in order to see what’s really out there and the outcome!

    I love blogging as I am my own boss and I am in my own field of expertise😁

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  13. Interesting questions i must say😄
    I started out blogging because i was looking for an outlet, i think i had done a ton of reading and i was about to explode. I thought about public speaking but since i couldnt see how that would work, i took the blogging route. So what i blog about is stuff i would’ve been speaking about. I started with a free site(blogspot), after i decided to take this as a business, i switched to this self hosted one. One of my regrets is not doing this sooner.
    I blog on my phone, its convenient, easy and i can immediately write down stuff as they come to me. I’m most creative at early hours though.
    So thats that…😆

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