About Me

Hello there all and welcome to my little corner of the web! I’m a 40 something married mother of 2 and yes I even have the dog despite lacking the white picket fence (will a tan 6 foot privacy fence and some chain link work in a pinch? I hope so because that’s what we have lol). We are a geeky bunch and thanks to our love of the Final Fantasy Games we tend to refer to our Humble abode as Zanarkand.  I’m the Nymph of Zanarkand and I call my husband (a short, hairy, hardworking and often grumpy Frenchman) the Satyr. My eldest is 22 and she’s the happy bouncy adorable Sprite, my son, the youngest of our brood, is 16 and the witty incorrigible Imp and our little spoiled Border Collie Australian Shepard mix is our cute, lazy, food seeking, nap taking Canine Familiar.  

Between all of us we get into and experience quite the mix of things and that is what you’ll find here. Our humble opinions on all of the things we experience in life, generally told from my point of view. From the products we buy online and in stores to our experiences at local places and random places (generally on the East Coast) while we are out and about on vacations and such. Most of what you will see here will be product reviews dotted with the occasional, location, event, hotel and restaurant review. You’ll also find some guest input from our close friends that are like family on here as well like my best buddy, partner in crime and road dog, the Wendigo. He and I are like two peas in a pod and most often seen out and about getting into mischief of some sort but it’s all in good fun. My former partner in most daily crimes moved over five hours away from me so the majority of our adventures now take place via phone conversations and instant messaging. She’s a beautiful and sassy little spitfire I’ll call the Elf. You’ll also hear from my energetic, boisterous artistic and humorous neighbor (who’s like a sister to me) the Dire Wolf and my fabulous, funny, food loving and warm hearted Bro the Centaur. 

In general we have more fun with the mundane than life should allow but then again what is life without humor? I hope you enjoy your what you find within these pages and please recommend us to your friends. 

Art by the handsome and talented JeCorey Holder

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